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Anger Management Courses for Schools and Colleges

We are the specialists in Anger Management courses for school. We run an intensive  course for young people called “Making Anger Your Friend (2)” and have done this recently at  schools in London and the home counties.  This is a structured course which combines intensive group work with one to one counselling. It is based on our experience working in schools with teenagers and young people. We can tailor the course  to your specific needs and can work with one individual or with a group. We work with children and teenagers threatened with permanent exclusion. Running groups for support staff has proved to be of great value.  Participants will:

  • Learn how to change their angry behaviour
  • Learn to express feelings rather than act them out
  • Learn how to ask for what they want
  • Learn to empathise and develop group skills 
  • Have the chance to express themselves in a safe environment
  • Practice new ways of doing things
  • Learn new ways of looking at things
  • Have the opportunity to deal with their personal anger issues in depth

Ideas Introduced in the “Making Anger Your Friend (2)” course

  • how to control your temper
  • what do you know about your anger?
  • how do you give your power away?
  • what is anger? – the different types of anger and ways of showing it
  • anger can be useful, it’s OK to feel angry
  • everybody feels anger
  • where do you feel it in your body?
  • learning simple techniques for changing behaviour and growing self esteem
  • what feelings drive anger?
  • what would you like to change?
  • perceptions that cause anger – “he is giving me a funny look!”
  • weekly journal – self reflection
  • how to “ask for what you want”
  • it’s OK to have different opinions
  • facing fears
  • how to listen and get listened to without making a noise
  • it’s OK to make mistakes – without feeling shame
  • stop taking things personally
  • how to deal with “gang” culture “helpful comebacks” – role plays and visualizations
  • how to deal with being stopped by the police  – “response card” – role plays and visualizations
  • how to appreciate yourself and others
Contact us to discuss a “Making Anger Your Friend (2)” course for your school or college – or call us on 020 8444 9841.