Anger Management / Counselling

Why Are You So Angry?

Angry man

If you are suffering from anger, depression or anxiety, if your self esteem is low I can help

  • Do anger and conflict rule your life? Your family? Your work?
  • Is your marriage/relationship breaking down?
  • Are you hurting yourself and those around you?
  • Do you lose your temper with partner, children, colleagues? Are you in danger of losing them?
  • Are you stressed? Suffering from constant angry thoughts?
  • Do you often regret your behaviour and its effect on others? Do you dislike yourself?
  • Is everybody losing patience with you?
  • Are you always holding your anger in? Is it bearable?

Join our unique and specialist Group Course “Making Anger Your Friend”.
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All UK courses and one to one sessions are with David Woolfson BA Hons, MBA, MBACP, one of the UK’s leading Anger Specialists and a fully qualified psychotherapist, specifically trained in helping people work with anger.

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You Can Work With Your Anger Instead of Fighting It

I can work with you, your partner or with your child. I can teach you to: manage your anger; learn to communicate; feel happier and more peaceful. Working with your anger can change your life.



Based in London, we offer private and group sessions and webcam counselling as well as bespoke programmes for schools, colleges or businesses.

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If you are a parent or carer concerned that a child or teen has anger issues, get in touch. Angry feelings are often warnings that ‘something is wrong’.

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Our sessions will help you learn how to communicate and re-establish intimacy within your relationship and be better role models for your children.

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We accept many referrals from lawyers, courts, doctors and social services for clients involved legal action and often write reports on their behalf.

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We Can Help You Change Your Life Now

Change your lifeMake anger your friend. Work one-to-one, or with your partner, your child or your whole family.
  • Stop yourself exploding and get in control
  • Stop hurting yourself or your children or partner or colleagues
  • Learn to communicate with your loved ones
  • Relearn how to give and receive loving
  • Stop the endless angry thoughts and feel less stressed
  • Start to be assertive, feel happier and more at ease
  • Help your child to feel happier at home or school

Benefits for a Lifetime

  • Reduce the intensity of anger and hurt 
  • Feel better about who you are
  • Get happier, calmer, lighter
  • Have less drama in your life
  • Learn to express your feelings
  • Learn to ask for what you want
  • Be listened to and get listening
  • Stop taking things personally

Is Anger Management / Therapy for me?

Countless people have changed their lives by getting help to work with their anger. Ordinary people, couples, children and families: people from every walk of life… people just like you and me.

  • Anyone who is hurting themselves and others with their anger and rage
  • A parent who cannot deal with an angry children
  • An angry child
  • Problems with your partner
  • Problems in the family
  • Anyone who knows someone suffering from anger issues
  • People managers, professionals, and anyone suffering from stress and anger at work

Learning About Anger

We can help you learn to control your anger. It can be positive! Stop letting your anger control you.

Anger is A FEELING. Humans routinely feel anger, sadness, hurt, happiness and fear. This capacity gives us our humanity yet many clients come to us for counselling believing that anger is a ‘bad’ thing. They are ashamed and beat themselves up for feeling angry.

The real problem is not feeling anger but angry behaviour.

Identifying this simple truth can be a huge relief because behaviour – however habitual – can be changed.

Angry behaviour can be habitual. Anger Management involves ‘retraining the brain’, breaking the habit with a new set of skills and understandings.

Make Anger Your Friend

learnBy seeking Anger Management Counselling & Therapy you have already won half the battle: admitting you have a problem.

Anger gives you important information about who you are and the situation in which you find yourself. Anger itself is not ‘bad’, just what you sometimes do with it. Anger Management involves both learning and therapy. You will learn to manage your angry behaviour. You will feel more peaceful and more powerful when you see there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, as you begin to understand the causes of your anger. 

STAGE 1 offers short term methods to help begin managing your temper outbursts, manipulation, road rage and the behaviours which may be causing problems in your life by hurting yourself, your partner, children and colleagues. You can learn time management of the split second when your body tells you are about to explode. Learn to ‘stop’, to express ‘anger by appointment only’.

STAGE 2 focuses on understanding the causes of your anger. We carry our own anger at all times, ready to ignite at the slightest excuse. If it is out of proportion to the event then you are probably taking things personally. When you are about to explode – if you could – ask yourself “Why am I so angry?”

STAGE 3 is about new behavioural choices and new ways of looking at the world. It is about not letting your anger ‘hijack’ you. You will learn how to express anger in a healthy way. It is possible to be assertive without being aggressive. Learn to stop taking things personally and 50% of your anger will disappear.

Join our unique and specialist Group Course “Making Anger Your Friend”.
Next course : Friday December 9-11th 2016 – More about our Course.