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Divorce, Custody, Domestic Violence

divorce-picMany clients involved in legal action are referred to me by lawyers, courts and social services. I offer a professional service and many years of experience in this area.

Of particular value is my experience in working with clients who may not feel they need to do the course and experience some anger and resentment at being required to attend a course, especially in relation to child custody or contact. In these instances it is essential to treat the clients view with respect and to engage with them in dialogue about what they may gain from the course even if they would prefer not to be there.

Report Writing Service

I will always co-ordinate with the relevant agency subject to the client’s written agreement, I offer a report-writing service subsequent to attendance on our courses.

The client is encouraged to actively participate in this report and to work with me to present an honest view of what they have gained from the course.

In this way report-writing becomes part of the process of healing and transformation, a further opportunity for the client to reflect on the attitudes and behaviour which have led to the situation they find themselves in. 

Working with the client in this way helps reduce their sense of compulsion, powerlessness and resentment in what is already a difficult and  stressful situation.

If you are a person involved in such a case please be sure that your feelings and view of what has happened will be respected and treated with sensitivity and respect. My intention is  to work with you to find a way out of what may be a stressful and challenging situation.

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