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We are one of the two leading specialists in anger in the UK and have helped hundreds of people change their lives over twenty years. You will be in the best and safest of hands.  On this course you will learn:

How to be angry politely

  • A simple technique to immediately stop you shouting and swearing
  • To be less impatient
  • The right thing to say in sticky situations
  • To avoid road rage
  • How to be heard without raising your voice
  • That being happy is more important than being right
  •  To set a better example for your children and be a better parent
  • To deal with kids that get up late for school every day
  • To cope with traffic, lateness and all the other things that make you angry
  • Focus on the important things in life, not get angry at things that don’t really matter

Learning these will make you and your loved ones calmer and happier. This will make a marked difference to your life.

Course information

The next course will run Friday 2th- Sunday 29th  September 2024. Times are Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday 10-4pm. This course is unique, specialist, the most advanced anger course of its type in the UK, developed over more than a decade. In our smaller and more intimate group you have the opportunity to explore your anger in depth and to receive significant individual attention. Throughout the course you are guaranteed the best quality of attention and learning experience. You will learn things that will make a difference to your life.

Also included is a thirty page A4 workbook full of vital additional information and explanations of the course material, intended to support you during and after the course. Much of the material has been created specially for this course and is not available from any other source.

Course hours

The venue is in a quiet, leafy location in North London. It is advisable to book early as the group size is limited.

The course is led by David Woolfson BA Hons, MBA, MBACP, one of the UK’s leading Anger Specialists, specifically trained in working with anger. He is also a fully qualified psychotherapist and graduate of the respected Spectrum Psychotherapy Practice. He was initially trained by the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) and has received the BACP Certificate of Proficiency. David has featured on the Channel 4 Programme Embarrassing Bodies” and is frequently interviewed about the anger issues of people in the news including Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson on LBC Radio, Joey Barton on Talk Sport, Andy Murray on Sky News and Luis Suarez’ biting incident at the World Cup 2014.

Follow this link to see David Woolfson giving a lecture on Working with Anger to the BACP Conference 2012:

Follow this link to see David working on Channel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies:

Article in The Guardian May 2019 How to Make a Friend of Your Anger

To apply now please contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you what you hope to achieve. It is advisable to apply early. If you would simply like to discuss how this course can help you call on 0208 444 9841 or contact us to make an enquiry. To apply now please contact us

(see also Fees and Cancellation – Terms and Conditions at bottom of this page)


Course Structure

  1. Immediate measures to start managing your destructive temper outbursts. You will look under the bonnet – at your “ANGER ENGINE”  to understand how you get angry so quickly and how to control your behaviour.  You will learn WHAT ANGER IS – not what you think and not a “bad” thing.  You will learn about the “SACK OF ANGER”  and pain you carry around with you.
  2. Learn the Causes of your anger.
    Only by understanding where your anger comes from can you reduce the intensity with which you feel it, to cool the nuclear reaction. It will then be easier to control the behaviour that comes with it. Ask- how do I let others wind me up? How do I wind myself up?  How did I experience anger in my family? What effect does my anger have on my loved ones?
  3. Make New Choices
    Do you feel angry about being angry? Are you ashamed of your behaviour? You will learn simple alternatives, ways of expressing yourself that strengthen your relationships rather than damage them. By changing how you behave you will change how you feel about yourself on the inside and will be better able to have more satisfying relationships with other people and the world in general. You can learn to express your feelings and needs, ask for what you want and start to transform the relationships which are important in your life. Once you see “there is light at the end of the tunnel” you will start to feel calmer and more at ease.

Feedback from recent attendees

“I cannot thank you enough for the transformative result your anger management course has had on me. Removing the shame surrounding anger has been a life-changing step for me and one that has empowered me to deal with my anger in a much better way, to communicate my feelings and in the much rarer cases, deal with the frustrations I feel in a calm and orderly way. I feel truly released and much more capable. I was apprehensive of the course at the start and opening up about my feelings, but I liked the efficient use of time to fit in with my work schedule and decided to open up to the group completely which I found very rewarding. These concerns were soon forgotten and in retrospect unwarranted. My sincere thanks is to you.”

“I wanted to thank you for an extraordinary experience this weekend. You said that it would be life changing, and I believe genuinely that it will be. I learnt so much about myself, and about the benefits that can be had using the support and input from others. I never would have expected that there would be such richness to gain from group therapy, or that I could feel so close by yesterday evening to a group of people who were complete strangers on Friday”.

“All and all I think the anger management course is one of the best things that has happened in my life, so thanks to all of you and I hope it meant the same or similar as it did for me.”

“I write this letter to you with nothing but total admiration for the time and patience and concern you have given me during our meetings. I have been opened up to a different outlook on so many things that have haunted me for so long. I value the time I spent with you, and thank you for your understanding”

“This has been one of the best things I have done in my life”.

Course Content includes:

  • What is Anger?
  • Why can little things make me so angry?
  • How can I control my angry behaviour?
  • How can I get my message across and be heard?
  • How does the justice of my message get lost in my angry behaviour?
  • How does my anger affect others?
  • The different types of anger
  • Dealing with negative and critical thoughts
  • Would I rather be right or happy?
  • How can I be better at being me?

Working with Anger can be revelatory and life-transforming. If you cannot control your angry behaviour at home or in the workplace then this Anger Management course will help you. At the end of the course you will come out with skills that will help you to control your angry behaviour and reduce your stress and conflict. You will be better equipped to transform your life and your important relationships. You will be better able to deal with domestic trauma, to understand why relationships may be breaking down and develop strategies to save them.

You will find that you have the power to transform your attitudes and behaviour. You can make choices, choose not to explode or run away, you don’t have to be controlled by your anger. The course also examines how anger often takes root in childhood experiences. Withdrawal of love, inappropriate punishments, rejection, bullying and belittling are historical issues that can fuel present-day anger. Ranging from those that are extravagantly violent in their anger demonstrations, to those who inhibit and contain their rage, the course helps you step through your fear and inhibitions to start the process of effectively dealing with your anger and that of others.

The approach is integrative, combining psycho-education with ideas from Gestalt, Existential and Body Psychotherapy. Considerable emphasis is put on the experience of being in the group and listening to others. The content is covered in some degree in response to the process of the group thus the structure is bespoke for each group.  It focuses on where you are and what you need now. Just by reading this you have done 50% of the work, you have started a process of reflection on how you are in the world and accepted the possibility of change.

To book or if you would simply like to have a conversation about how this course can help you call us on 0208 444 9841 or contact us to make an enquiry. To apply now please contact us

Course Fees and Cancellations – Terms and Conditions

Course fee is £750 for individuals, £950 for companies and organisations. Submitting the Registration Form does not guarantee acceptance on the course until we have spoken to you and we have received your deposit or full payment. The fee includes a £250 deposit which is non-refundable. In the event of cancellation by the Client or Participant more than four weeks prior to the start date the balance is returnable less £100 fee. If the cancellation is made less than four weeks but more than ten days prior to the start date £500 fees will be refunded and the deposit retained. In this event the Client may opt to attend the course on a later date but a new £250 deposit will be payable. Please note that no refund or transfer will be given for cancellation less than ten full days prior to the course start date or after attendance on the course under any circumstances. Please note that non-attendance on the Friday will be treated as a cancellation. If the course is cancelled by us you will be given a full refund. All cancellation notices are required in writing please.