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Is anger affecting your sporting performance?

  • Face à faceFootball, rugby, golf, athletics – whatever your sport, is anger affecting your performance?
  • Have you lost a game or a match because of your behaviour?
  • Have you lost your temper in the heat of the moment?
  • Is your anger out of proportion?
  • Feeling bad about letting yourself and others down?
  • Are colleagues and friends losing respect for you?
  • What is happening to your team?
  • What is happening to you?

Are you giving away what you prize the most?

Throwing away the prizeLearn to control your destructive temper outbursts and over the top reactions. Take charge of your behaviour and understand that split second when you throw it all away.

You don’t have to live this way

Find out about the causes of your angry feelings and why you let others wind you up? Once you start understanding your anger it will become easier to manage and the intensity will diminish. 

You don’t have to be like this

Start to make new choices and harness the energy of your anger into ways that are more constructive and helpful to you and those around you. Be assertive not aggressive and get things done. Get yourself heard and make your presence felt in a different way.

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“You really can make a difference, it’s not magic, it’s common sense. Take charge of your life. Stop letting anger take charge of you.”