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Learning About Anger

Anger itself is not necessarily bad. It can be useful.

Anger is A FEELING. As humans we routinely feel – anger, sadness, hurt, happiness and fear. This capacity to feel gives us our humanity yet many people come to me with the belief that feeling anger is a ‘bad’ thing. Do you beat yourself up for feeling angry?

The real problem is not feeling anger but angry behaviour. This can become a habit.

Identifying this simple truth can be a huge relief because behaviour – however habitual – can be changed.

Making Anger Your Friend

learnBy seeking Anger Management Counselling & Therapy you have already won half the battle: admitting you have a problem.

Anger itself is not ‘bad’, just what you sometimes do with it. It can give you important information about the situation in which you find yourself. It can help you survive, it can fuel the fight for fairness. Anger Management involves both learning and therapy. You will learn to contain your angry behaviour, to find out what your anger is telling you and to harness it for justice. Once you start this process you will soon see that there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and you will begin to understand where your anger comes from. Learn –

1. IMMEDIATE MEASURES to begin managing your temper outbursts, manipulation, road rage and the behaviour which may be causing problems in your life by hurting yourself, your partner, children and colleagues. You can learn time management of the split second when your body tells you are about to explode. Learn to press the ‘pause’ button on your behaviour, to express ‘anger by appointment only’.

2. THE CAUSES of your anger. We carry our own anger at all times, ready to ignite at the slightest excuse. If it is out of proportion to the event then you are probably taking things personally. When you are about to explode – if you could – ask yourself “What is my anger telling me?”

3. NEW BEHAVIOURAL CHOICES and new ways of looking at the world. It is about not letting your anger ‘hijack’ you. You will learn how to express anger in a healthy way. It is possible to be assertive without being aggressive. Learn to stop taking things personally and 50% of your anger will disappear.

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Benefits for a lifetime

  • Stop hurting others – and yourself – with your anger and rage
  • Deal better with your angry child
  • Make more gentle family relationships
  • Deal with stress and conflict at work
  • Be kinder to your partner and to yourself
  • Make sure injustice and unfairness are understood
  • Be listened to and get listening
  • Stop taking things personally

Is Anger Management/Therapy for me?

Countless people have changed their lives by getting help to work with their anger. Ordinary people, couples, children and families: people from every walk of life… people just like you and me.