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“It is difficult to come up with some way to improve on this as it was so good. Being told eye-to-eye, man-to-man to stop my behaviour, especially for the sake of the children “just don’t do it” was very powerful. Also, thinking of the effects of my behaviour  on the mental health and development of others. The practical tips on techniques to employ, and being aware of the inner child. It is a very intense workshop. I think you make use of the weekend very well, in terms of the hours set for each day and the homework in between.. (June 2023)

“Realising I can be vulnerable and allow other people into my heart I can have more positive relationships with my wife and children” …(June 2023)

“The ‘No Bullshit’ approach to teaching on the  course is brilliant”…(June 2023)

“Realising I am not the only  one”..(June 2023)

“Understanding that when you feel uncomfortable that can be a good (useful) thing and understanding that I am perfectly imperfect…(May 2023)

“I like the way David spoke – he had a lot of empathy and understanding”…(May 2023)

“Positive energy and an open environment enabling me to express and reflect. David has done incredibly well facilitating this self-discovery process”..(March 2023)

“The explanation of anger and breaking it down to the feelings that provoke it”…(March 2023)

“The website does not do the course justice!”..(Feb 2023)

“The group exercises helped the most as I learn best through the act of doing. Love the wisdom shared by David. I am really thankful to have come on the course. This is the beginning of a journey in more self-compassion and learning more about myself”…(Feb 2023)

“Having the opportunity to share with others and the privilege of hearing their stories was invaluable. I particularly appreciated that the course was about so much more than Anger Management, it also addressed issues of communication and relationship”..(October 2022)

“I feel that this will get into my veins and nerves, this will program me in my anger and now I will put into practice what I learned”..(October 2022)

What helped me most was the ‘Socratic’ method of teaching via example and the gentle approach throughout. I am incredibly grateful to David and the other participants on the course”…(October 2022)

“It is a great course David! I like how you seemed to connect with every individual on the course”…(September 2022)

“I think it was pretty well covered, well run and paced well. I enjoyed the exercises and doing one to one work was powerful. I found that hearing other stories was very moving. This has been a great step for me and I am grateful for the opportunity and the work that you do”…(September 2022)

“I found the group beneficial to my mental health. The group was really well held together which I think made it easier for us to be comfortable. I cannot wait to put my learning to use and I will keep on trying”…(July 2022)

  “Life changing is how I would describe the outcome of my time with David, both on the course and in a series of one to one sessions. On one level I have learnt some techniques to help manage my anger. On another level, I am able to feel when my anger response is out of kilter with what’s going on and really understand the reason for that. But the truth is this: I feel truly happy for the first time in my life. Not a short-lived euphoric excitement but a constant sense of happiness and peace – I am smiling inside or outside much of the time. I also feel powerful to deal with events that life throws at me, in an adult and mature way. There are no quick fixes or answers given – I did the work and at times it was hard. But with David’s expert guidance the work means deep and lasting change. I feel free ….” (July 2020) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

“I came looking for you to give me answers, you gently said no and because I like to think in cause and effect this was difficult to process and understand. I was looking for three-card tricks and for you to provide them. I went through the slow process of realising that I had to answer these questions myself”

“David led a group course on anger management that I attended. During the course he spontaneously came up with an image that often comes back to me. You could liken anger, he said, to an electric torch that you hold in your hands. You can, of course, shine the beam of light away from you, into the darkness. That’s quite a natural thing to do, and it can feel powerful; indeed, the torch can feel like a weapon, and it can cause distress to those you shine it on. However, he said, you can also turn the beam inwards. In the light it casts you have the opportunity to see yourself, and the part that you are playing in your own distress; and the remarkable fact is that to see what you’re doing, while it almost always brings with it temporary feelings of embarrassment, actually brings relief”.

“That relief is so blessed. To be caught up in a spiral of impotent rage is crucifying, castrating, catastrophic, for everyone involved. The ancient Greeks captured the experience impressively with the concept of the Furies, relentless, remorseless beings that pursued and tormented individuals to the point of madness. When I feel furious – and I can feel provoked by all sorts of things – I feel helpless, an innocent victim of others’ unspeakable wickedness. Realising my own agency, even if that is simply that I hold an unrealistic expectation, is the way out. It’s the way to feeling calm, and to being highly effective”.

“The idea is simple. The practice is hard. To turn the torch beam inwards is difficult, and the greater the fury, the more difficult it is. I find there are times when I long to turn the beam, can think in detail about turning it, but, as if I’m in some horrible waking dream, I just cannot seem to do it. At this point it really helps to work with someone like David, because they know how hard it is, and that it can be done, and because they are good at observing others and good at pointing things out to them in a way that’s usually not too provoking.”

“A decade ago, there were things I’d feel angry about that would take me weeks to comes to terms with. I still feel provoked by all sorts of things, and often – maybe once a week, on average – find myself in an impotent rage at something; but I come to terms with things more rapidly, typically within a few hours, and I find I’m able to tolerate things that once would have seemed unbearable. That still leaves enormous room for improvement: I’d like to get back on an even keel within a few minutes, and be many times more tolerant; but I know there is a way, a way that I can practice over and over again and by so doing get better at it, and it is by turning the torch inwards – just like David said….”

“I have lots of people tuning in tomorrow to hear the voice that changed my life around! Shout me out if you get a chance , I was going to call the station, then I thought you do not have long and the time taken talking to me could mean someone else cannot get through that needs your help”

“I felt sad to leave you and our time behind. You have helped me to where I now am and have been a superb role model in my lie. Many thanks for all your kindness and concern. You are a very wise and powerful man. May all your dreams come true and may this not be the last time I see you and or get some or your professional time.”

“I have just read about your work and I want to congratulate you on creating such a tremendous project, filling a much needed gap between learning to cope via psycho-therapeutic methods and not attending to ones problems at all”

“I hope you don’t mind me sending you this. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your input and perhaps without it I might have take me much longer to come understanding. For me understanding another’s behaviour better doesn’t legitimize my own angry behaviour but helps me understand how I could have not been angry in the first place!”

“Its been so much of a change ‘all bloody good thanks to you’ and me I know. I feel I have a relationship with you now and probably forever, the work has been very very constructive and what a change in my life, and its not finished. David really a pleasure to have started this anger work with you and I am sure we’re going to speak again! If you have anything to tell me or advise me, you know me well now, please don’t hold it, be honest because everything you teach me did work! I am a proud person and a changing one too.”

“I am still 100x calmer than I was before the course and seeing David- my expectations of people are a lot less now. I ask if I need help or want something instead of expecting people to mind read and offer. Makes my life easier- My biggest problem is being heard- I have said no to a lot of things and then been bullied into stuff- from now on I am going to Say No and then Do No”.

“Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner, I have been so busy trying to put things right, the advise and tips I got from angerplanet have helped so much, everyone around me has noticed the difference, most of all my girlfriend soon to be my WIFE in July thanks to yourselves !. I know that I have a long way to go, to know that there is someone out there really helps”.

“I would like to thank you for your fantastic support and I feel very powerful now in myself. I am so happy. I think that I have a long road ahead of me in controlling my anger but with your input I feel ready to make the right decisions. I wish you every success in your assistance to others”.

“I hope you are doing well. It has been a while since our brief contact but I wanted to let you know that despite not continuing with our sessions I did find them invaluable. It was pretty enlightening for me. It was in fact the start of looking to my relationship and myself and questioning my thought process and behaviors (inc submissive, angry, irrational behaviour). For me the most empowering idea was the simple direct idea that I could express my feelings, wants and needs and set boundaries for what is acceptable and not acceptable. Since this time I often found feelings have turn out to been triggered by own misperception of the situation or circumstance, in itself a great reason to express them. Fear was a problem for me; it’s much less of one now. I am working on this still.”

“I want to thank you again for listening to me for so many hours, helping me to make sense of my emotions, helping me to make my “painting”, to accept and love myself. Thank you for your last piece of advice about being adult and knowing when to ask for help. I will remember it. I am very happy to have met you and remain full of admiration for your patience and kindness, and very grateful for the time you have spent listening to me. I hope to apply the same patience and openness to others”.

“I intend fully to continue to work on turning my life around, using the tools that you have given me and to use the others for support”.

“I came looking for you to give me answers, you gently said no and because I like to think in cause and effect this was difficult to process and understand. I was looking for three-card tricks and for you to provide them. I went through the slow process of realising that I had to answer these questions myself”